You may remember that in June we let go of Fayes’ beloved chocolate Lab Kendal.

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The network that our vet clinic is in offers a wonderful opportunity to clients who let go of a dog during the year. You can plant a tree and have a stone engraved in your pets’ honour. Chatham very generously offers public parkland for this. We planted a tree Saturday. We joined a dozen or so others on a cool and windy day to plant our chosen tree, a serviceberry. Unfortunately the stone was not ready.

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Kendal lives on in our hearts and minds. Now there is a living memorial of his time here, one that will likely outlast us. We will visit it and take care of it as long as we can.

Miss you sir. Am also very, very glad to have been blessed with the time we shared.


Faye and I had to make the difficult decision to let go of our beloved Kendal. His pain grew progressively worse, even with pain management medications.

I never want to let go of a dog. Yet its the kind, the compassionate – the right – thing to do, difficult and wrenching as it is.

I miss having him on the dog bed next to the computer desk. I’ll miss his shenanigans. I still and will always treasure him, and how he enriched my life. I’ve been very blessed to know and love him.

There is a saying. ‘He’s not gone, just gone on ahead.’

Thank you, Kendal. Thank you for scouting the way. I look forward to hearing your report.


A glorious day

We are blessed with blue sky, a good breeze, and good dogs. Achilles surveys his domain as, in the background, Kendal investigates the naturalised corner of the backyard.


The three cavaliers

Taken at Erieau beach during a warmer time, the dogs watch as I return from the car. Stella is zoomed, lasered, into watching me as is Kendal. Achilles surveys the beach. Such different dogs, such treasured companions.

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Kendal on Patrol

Our senior boy Kendal on patrol in the backyard. He’s thirteen and perhaps his favourite place in his universe during this very harsh winter has been on the bed, in front of the Magic Heat Box aka the wall furnace. It’s been a challenging winter, especially for his arthritic bones. Now we are soaking up the sun, the warmth of March, and are very grateful. It’s so good that Kendal is here to help us welcome the blessed warmth of spring.

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Waiting, perhaps less than patiently, for the vet. My hand rested on Stella’s throat as Dr. Landry examined used her scope on Stella’s eyes. I felt a very gentle tremble in Stella’s throat as she expressed her discomfort. All three were quite good, I’m pleased with how they tolerated the poking and prodding. It was good to hear Dr. Landry pronounce all of them in good shape considering their ages.

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