That was OK?

Well . . . you know I really like hockey balls . . . they are my favourite toy . . . and I smelled the bag . . . and it was full of them . . . and it was within reach . . . and well I wanted to make sure you got the number you ordered . . . wanted to help . . . hope that was OK?

Yes that’s OK Lucy.

Fancy dog toys? Naaaah.

Stella does not need a fancy-dancy toy from PetSmart. She found a paper towel core brought home from work, with all kinds of interesting odors coating its rough surface,  very interesting. It was fascinating to watch her get involved, tossing it, batting it with a paw, things she normally does not do. After she lost interest I picked it up and put it away, to be re-introduced at a later date.

Sometimes the best toys are simple ones, disguised as everyday run-of-the-mill objects.

DSCF5085 - Copy