Achilles takes his ease

taken and posted with the PlayBook

Achilles often lays here, just outside the door. He can watch traffic on the street as well as keep an eye on a sliver of the backyard. He is remarkably trustworthy, rarely digs or barks without reason so he can spend as much time in the backyard unsupervised as he chooses. We are so blessed to have such a good dog.


Icing sugar on a sweet boy

Icing sugar on a sweet boy

Faye and I took a walk earlier (photos to come). When we returned home I stayed out to shovel the driveway and brush the vehicles. Achilles stayed out with me. As I wrapped up my task it began snowing – big Christmas flakes floating out of the sky. I was struck by how well dusted Chili dog was as well as his seeming disregard of the snow. I also like the demonstration of how mobile a dogs ears are.

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