Wind-up toy.

I tend to think ‘wind-up toy’ when I watch a woodpecker move. Tick-a, tick-a, tick-a.

A Downy Woodpecker. It’s interesting that this individual does not share – it jabs at any other bird on the feeder and continues jabbing until the other bird leaves.

This Downy Woodpecker is a regular visitor to my feeders.



Thank you to all of my visitors and especially the newer visitors and followers.

I will very rarely write about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, events, personalities, which revolve around what is happening in the first half of 2020. There are many, many sources for news (and so-called news) about this terrible affliction; sources for facts (which may or may not be facts); for places to find opinions, informed and otherwise.

This is a place for a little respite, a little calm, perhaps a little tranquillity in the midst of all that is going on. It seems to me that many of us, most of us, perhaps almost all of us need a little respite, a little calm, a little tranquillity, a little pleasure, from all of the upheaval in our lives. I need such a place.

This is and will continue to be that kind of place.



ETA: Now the photo is posted.

I rummaged through photos and came across this one from July. I put out suet cakes for a week or two and this female Downy Woodpecker (link goes to regularly visited. She also visited the hummingbird feeder, right background, and I think was able to extract some nectar.

I resumed filling the seed feeders late last week and expect to see more visitors soon.

DSCF9086 - Copy

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

This was a good day to sit outside for a spell. The snow had mostly stopped, there was no wind, the altostratus occasionally broke, the temperature was about -7C. Faye and I took a break from chores. We sat outside about 8 meters from the feeders, far enough away that the birds generally kept going about the important, necessary business of feeding. This Downy Woodpecker has been a regular visitor to the suet feeder this winter.

It’s good, important, to get out and appreciate the real world. Have to say that I was slow and reluctant to do that today. I was filing, scanning, sorting, getting ready for 2013 tax season. Into being diligent. Faye announced that she was going outside so I eventually, a little slowly and reluctantly, donned snow boots, snow pants, parka, toque, scarf, and headed outside.

We spent perhaps 45 minutes outside and I’m glad. Can’t change the fact that it’s February 9, there is almost a foot of snow on the ground. Don’t have to like those facts, it’s good to accept those facts. Spending time outside helped me appreciate my snug home, helped me appreciate how so many birds are dependent on my regularly filling the feeders.

Helped me appreciate my life.

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