On the move

Migratory birds are on the move here. Robins are no linger tut-tutting, killdeer are scarce, have not seen or heard orioles and grosbeaks for a while.

On a recent grey and gloomy day, during an outing that took me to the north shore of Lake Erie, I saw this group of Turkey vultures on the move, headed west along the lake shore to the nearest way around the lake instead of over it. Such graceful birds.



Today was a fall day, cool with rain, low clouds, a north breeze. It would be easy to classify today as an unhappy, depressing, bad day.

I prefer to not think that way. It’s a fall day, grey, drizzly, a good day to give thanks for being alive.

DSCF7179 - Copy

thanks for and to look forward to sunny days.