Neared the end.

As we neared the end of this years commercial tomato harvest, one of the last untouched tomato fields was opened up by this combination of a tractor/harvester (harvester obscured) and tractor/dump wagon combination.

Version 2

Rain coming

Rain coming

I am a weather geek, follow the US National Weather Service, The Weather Network, Environment Canada. One of my work responsibilities, which puts to work something that I like to do, is to report daily on the forecast so we can be prepared.

I like doing the same at home. I don’t Freak Out over what may come, simply like to stay informed. We have a rather wet 36 hour forecast, perhaps up to 1 1/2 inches (37mm) of rain by Friday morning. Trick or treaters will very likely have a wet night if they venture out.

Living in a small town which is attuned to farming helps us be more aware of the weather as well. On my way home, combines were out in the fields cutting corn. Sugar beets were being taken off. Farmers will likely work very late tonight, getting off everything they can. Rain like what is forecast is not an inconvenience as it is to city dwellers and even to us, it’s a part of their lives and they must often work long, long hours to stay ahead of the weather.