A little busy

I’m a little busy right now. Faye and I did a 5K run and walk Saturday evening; Faye the run and me the walk. Our times were creditable. We spent Sunday doing various house and internet stuff, including selecting photos for a calendar we plan on getting printed.

Faye’s working afternoons this week. This evening I baked Balsamic Chicken Thighs that she prepped, also baked rice and made a batch of glazed carrots, then did the dishes and tidied a bit.

After I post this it will be time to settle on the couch with a book and . . . (turns around to see which dog is on the couch) . . . Fitzi.


Revisiting, Part IV – Final Part

April 2005, Mount Bonnell. Faye, me, and beloved Moonpie. Tentative, hesitant, learning, becoming comfortable. Little did I suspect where life would lead.

Little did I suspect how vastly better life would become, has become, is. I am very very blessed, and thankful.

Back on Thursday.



Faye and I participated in a 5K run/walk yesterday. All participants wore Santa suits and pledges raised went to a worthy cause. She ran, I walked; Fayes niece ran with her and her husband walked with me. It was a brisk, blustery day with the odd sleet shower. Despite the less than ideal conditions all of us finished in the top half overall of our respective race. Faye did very well in her first timed event, beating her target time by several minutes. Well done sweetie.


Welcome cheer

Our Gaillardia are still blooming at this late stage of the growing season. It brings a most welcome and most needed cheer at a time when most things are done blooming. Welcome cheer when Faye is in Day 35 of the tomato harvest and she, we, so look forward to it being done.



Daybreak signals the end of another night – a rest period for most, the end of the ‘day’ for many, including agricultural workers. Faye is one of the many. During the current tomato harvest processing season she gets home about 4:15AM and is asleep before daybreak.



I have lost track of the exact date I adopted Achilles. It is enough to say that right about ten years ago today, I brought him home.

He helped me get through: letting go of beloved Corndog; keeping sensitive Stella busy and at work; my frequent travelling to see Faye; selling my house then moving to Canada; travelling on two long road trips.And a great deal more.

Chili dog has always been steady and reliable. Perhaps not always the best ambassador from his kind to his kind, yet always a most excellent ambassador from his kind to our kind.

I’ve been blessed to own Achilles.

DSCF8391 - Copy


It was a lovely today, more like mid-April than mid-February. After finishing chores, Faye and I spent a little time outside enjoying the sun and high 50s temperatures.

DSCF7802 - Copy

Quite different from last February, when the temperature was about 19F and snow lay deep on the ground.

February Photo Shoot 2015 - Copy

A lovely afternoon

A little over 8 centimeters of snow fell yesterday; some in the morning and the rest during the evening. Today has been a very lovely day with fresh snow, a brisk breeze, and a lot of sun which raised the temperature to about -1C. So we posed for a self-portrait with our hoop tunnel, inside which are the last of our garden greens.

DSCF7273 - Copy