It was a lovely today, more like mid-April than mid-February. After finishing chores, Faye and I spent a little time outside enjoying the sun and high 50s temperatures.

DSCF7802 - Copy

Quite different from last February, when the temperature was about 19F and snow lay deep on the ground.

February Photo Shoot 2015 - Copy

Happy (early) Valentines Day

Over a year ago Faye and I committed to spending a little time outside every month of the year, and recording that fact. We decided to jump on a common theme for this month. So here is our February photo shoot.

Because it’s February and there are piles of snow everywhere, is no reason to huddle¬† inside 24/7. Taking into account the weather of the past two weeks it was a mild day, just above freezing. We decided to give thanks that it was not a brutally cold day. Why not spend some time outside, appreciating the season?

February Photo Shoot 2015 - Copy


February dwindles, drains, fades. March, with its promise of spring, rebirth, renewal, is only a short time ahead. Winter throws one more punch of Arctic cold to remind us that it is still here, the equinox has not yet come. We must wait a little longer, continue to be patient.

Spring will come.


January fades . . .

January fades . . .

. . . into February, and winter continues. The five day forecast suggests MOTS – More Of The Same. Snow and cold (though not extreme cold similar to the two spells in January).

It’s a beautiful time of year, a trying time of year. At times I do think ‘Each day brings us one day closer to spring’ yet I choose to focus on the first two words in that thought. ‘Each day’ is its own entity, one to be appreciated to lived, and if it cannot be enjoyed, then at least accepted. I choose to not become sad, anxious, depressed, despondent about this long winter going on and on.