Bitter; gratitude and compassion

We are enduring a bitter cold spell, the worst in several years. The ambient temperature is -22 Celsius and the wind chill equals about -35C.

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This cold spell should abate this weekend. In the meantime I’m deeply grateful for our snug and safe little home. I’m full of compassion for the wild things which have no such safe and snug place to hole up, particularly the songbirds. So I’m compelled to generously scatter seed far and wide.

Achilles’ visit to the doggy dentist

Achilles had several teeth extracted today. He did well through several hours of sedation which is always a concern with senior dogs. Unfortunately a few more teeth need to come out; that will wait for another time.

Right now he’s resting in the bedroom, which is dark, quiet, and safe. Soon I will get some food into him while spending some time on the floor with him.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Along with my many, many other blessings I’m thankful Achilles did well today. How blessed I am to have this good boy!



I felt grateful today. It’s a blessing to live in a place where having a car isn’t  absolutely necessary to run many errands that need running. Instead of needing to drive to the post office, dentist’s office, ATM, library, grocery store, the hardware store, and more destinations, I can choose to drive or I can walk. I can certainly walk more yet can choose to walk, which is a choice that many people do not have. I love living in my little town.

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Life is good. It is not perfect yet it is pretty good. I have decent health, four walls as well as a roof and a bed, reliable hydro and gas, good work, healthy and good dogs, a lovely partner who is also my companion and best friend.

I have so much to be grateful for.