Life feeds life.

I have fed songbirds for about 15 years, 13 of which here at this home. I count birds for Project FeederWatch and this weekend have counted them for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

A large number of birds of several species visited yesterday, a little more than two days after a major snowstorm. There had been very little activity today, and early this afternoon I saw why.

Sometimes, I feed more than songbirds. A Sharp-shinned Hawk had apparently been keeping watch, and it pounced on a House Finch.

A very talented friend once used the phrase ‘Life feeds life’ as a blog post title. It seemed like an appropriate title for this post.

Great Backyard Bird Count

Great Backyard Bird Count

The GBBC will happen this weekend, Friday through Monday. I plan to submit a checklist every day. If you are an avid birder, casual backyard bird feeder, want to spend a little time outside, I invite you to go to the GBBC site to learn how to participate, report your sightings, review data that others have submitted.

Mourning Doves like these (which I photographed in the backyard) are regular residents, so I expect to report seeing them every day.

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