Grey and brown

This seasons’ dominant colours are grey and brown, which is not entirely bad. I feel more grateful, blessed, fortunate, for each dash of colour such as this, provided by our redbud this spring.


Grey clouds dominate a late January landscape.

I try to be grateful for this season’s muted colours. I’m forced to look more closely to find beauty now and will be more appreciative of the colours of late winter and spring blooms.

Wishing you a good Wednesday. I will be back Thursday.



Today was a fall day, cool with rain, low clouds, a north breeze. It would be easy to classify today as an unhappy, depressing, bad day.

I prefer to not think that way. It’s a fall day, grey, drizzly, a good day to give thanks for being alive.

DSCF7179 - Copy

thanks for and to look forward to sunny days.

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