July’s first half was hot, humid, and frequently cloudless so we endured what we had to. The last ten days or so were like this – a few degrees cooler, often filled with billowing cumulus, and frequent light to moderate rainfall. What a relief!

We will see what August sees fit to bring our way.

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I stopped this morning to take a few photos. This one best captured the feel of the morn – very hot (26C), very humid, very still. A day and a landscape waiting for relief, for release, from the unusually long hot spell we have endured for almost a week.

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An oasis amidst the heat

We are so blessed that our back yard is (relatively) cool and inviting on this day, when the humidex reached 46C, or 115F.  We can feel and listen to the breeze, listen to the grass grow.

This is the real world. This weather is uncomfortable, unpleasant, potentially dangerous. It is quite possibly a precursor of what is to come in the years ahead. It is good to be comfortable with appreciating the real world.

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A very hot spell is forecast. Today’s humidex reached 38C and this weekend the daytime humidex will likely surpass 40. Night time humidex readings will likely remain above 20 which is uncomfortable for us. We will endure it, as will much of the eastern United States and Canada. I give thanks thanks that we can afford to run the air conditioner which keeps the bedroom at a tolerable temperature.

We are blessed.

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Accept and endure

We are in a very hot spell, the outside temperature is 32C and the humidex is 38. The inside temperature is 27 – not as bad as it may sound. Fans are going. The a/c is plugged into the bedroom window and set at 75.

Tomorrow will be equally hot, relief may come tomorrow night or Tuesday.

We accept and endure what life sees fit to throw our way.

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Heat wave

We are in the throes of a late summer/early fall heat wave, the likes of which I don’t remember experiencing during my ten years in Canada. The noontime outdoor temperature is 30C or 88F (the upper left large number in the image). The indoor temperature is 25C or 77F which is surprisingly tolerable with the drapes and windows are closed, ceiling fan running. I will likely fire up the a/c soon though – Faye has more than earned the right to be comfortable for a while before heading to work for Day . . . 30?

I’m not particularly complaining about this heat (though I thought I left late September heat waves in Texas!); my mewling complaint would accomplish nothing more than reminding me of my discomfort. My attitude is more a matter of wow, this is a remarkable event and one to accept, endure with as much grace as possible.

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Rests easily.

Though we’ve had several spells of warm and humid weather we have resisted installing the window air conditioner. I broke down today – temperature in the high 20s C and humidity upwards of 70% – and plugged the a/c into the living room window. Tomorrow may be even more warm and humid, and storms are likely.

Achilles seemed to like my action plan.

Back on Thursday.

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We are enduring the longest hot spell of the season, which began Monday and will persist through the holiday weekend. Temperatures will range into the upper 20s with humidex readings in the 30s and threatening 40 (that’s temperatures in the 80s and humidex at times into the 90s. Such an extended hot spell is unusual. We aren’t used to this degree of heat lasting so long.

We will hibernate. It will be uncomfortable, even unpleasant at times. It will be much more unpleasant for outside workers, farm labourers. And for Faye, who is working 10 hours at a stretch at the canning plant. There will be no Labour Day holiday for her or the others at the plant.

It will be unpleasant, it will be rough. We may finally put the air conditioner in the window. Or we may not. Whatever we decide we will endure. Next February, we may remember this warm spell with wistfulness.

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Not only has it been so hot the past few days, we have had very little rain for several weeks. We had a nice little shower about an hour ago. It abated earlier than I hoped, but more is definitely on the way.

Because strong downburst winds were – are possible I cruised the yard looking for and picking up things that might blow away or be tumped over. A gust capsized the gold dust dracaena which broke the pot. It needed repotting anyway.

Probably a good idea to shut down, lightning dancing, thunder crumping, Achilles uneasy.

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