I hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Orthodox Christmas, the western New Year, had a joyous and safe time!

The sun shone for about two hours yesterday. A notable event because it had shined for only about four hours total during the previous ten or so days.


A Dark-eyed Junco skittered across a porch step after a recent snowfall.

I want to thank you, my dear readers, for visiting my blog. I also want to wish you merry Christmas, joyous Kwanzaa, hope you have had a happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, an excellent solstice, and a healthy, prosperous 2022.

Home, away from home

This was our home for the last two nights. No hydro, no running water, a 1/2 klick hike back to the car. Leaving behind the internet, phones, radio, all of civilizations’ ‘advantages’ was delightful.

It’s good to go away.

DSCF0251 - Copy.JPG


Hello dear readers! I hope you have had a swell holiday so far. Mine has been very, very good. After a few days’ rest and respite, I resume my regular posting.


The pilings of a long-ago small boat dock disappear into dense fog, like our individual and collective futures. We can plan, anticipate, prepare. We can see more (or less) clearly into the near future, minutes, hours, even days ahead. Yet we cannot know what awaits each of us, all of us.

DSCF5285 - Copy


Faye and I recently returned from  a week-plus holiday in the US, a reunion with my siblings. Here are a few photos from our trip. It is my policy to not photos of people who have not given permission so no photos of my family.

A side view of our home base, a wonderful 1800s farm house which featured four bedrooms, two and 1/2 baths, two separate living areas, a huge kitchen/living area.



This drumlin across the road beckoned to Faye so she took a walk.



A walk in the woods.



This is a view from the upper deck of my brother’s house. It was a serene as it looks.



People across the road bought a colt and it arrived during our stay. It is a Friesian-American Paint cross.


Meeting the resident Thoroughbred (or was it a Quarter Horse?) for the first time.



Relaxing with a good book.



More to come.

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