Saddle up!

Some years ago I took riding lessons and went on trail rides. Thinking I might want to take up riding again, I went on a trail ride this morning. It was a brisk morning and I was glad to have gloves. Major was a good horse to ride, soft mouth and easy gait.

Think I will most likely start taking lessons.


I recently had the great good fortune to attend a performance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Musical Ride, a performance by Mounties and their mounts to music.

Look at this photo. Marvel how every rider is looking up, looking in, seeing where and how their fellow riders and mounts are. Marvel further that many of the riders had never sat a horse before volunteering for this duty, so riding is not yet a natural thing.

It is good to sometimes look past our nose, our own interest, to see how we fit into the group.

IMG_1573 - Copy

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