Today was the first day I have seen an Evening Grosbeak. In addition to these two at one of my sunflower feeders and a House Finch that tried to move in, nine more Grosbeaks foraged elsewhere.

Feeding birds.

A male House Finch visits our sunflower feeder. I keep at least one feeder up year round. With other food sources so plentiful at this time of year I don’t keep it constantly filled. I like to have them visit because I do enjoy hearing their song.

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I am at home today, witnessing the songbirds and their struggle to survive this awful cold. I feel like it is my duty to do what is necessary to help. So I am being very generous with the sunflower seed, scattering it wholesale over the snow-covered ground. There is a new suet cake in the suet feeder and I have broken another up into small pieces then scattered it on the ground. This House finch is one of many, as well as juncos, doves, blue jays, and the odd crow staying close to the feeder.

There will be a die-off and I cannot change the simple, terrible fact that some songbirds, predators, wildlife will die. It is the way of life. At least I can help a little.