I recently visited Niagara Falls and rode the boat ‘The Maid of the Mist’ into the base of American and Horseshoe Falls. This photo doesn’t begin to show their power. You must be there, ride the boat, to begin grasping how tiny and insignificant humans really are.

See the people on the walk to the left of the Falls? That’s what we are. We are tiny little nothings when compared to grand enormous sweep of All That Is.

Version 3



A farmers’ yard light is a tiny speck lost in the immensity of a field of corn stubble barely illuminated by a glorious dawn.

So it is with all of us, mere specks in the immensity of all that is.



Quite a thunderstorm rolled over last night. The sky was very active; there was a lot of lightning and wind. The air aloft was very dynamic and I was compelled to try to capture some of the dynamism. What a marvellous reminder that in the face of nature, god, what have you, we are puny and insignificant.

DSCF6651 - Copy

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