The Internet and the Watch Dog

The Internet and the Watch Dog

Our internet has been up and down and unpredictably so. It has been difficult to do much of anything. It seems that our ISP-provided modem has been faulty, so a new one is being couriered.

We are not Freaked Out, Panicked, and Discombobulated by having unpredictable connectivity. While it has been annoying, Faye and I have easily dealt with it. This evening we spent even more time sitting on the deck enjoying this evenings’ episode of BYTV or Back Yard TV. We watched the hummingbirds visit the feeder, heard a few rumbles of thunder, talked about how to store vegetables outdoors in straw bale storage.

As always, Stella is on guard, keeping a vigilant eye peeled for the evil squirrels that would invade the backyard. This out of focus cell phone photo only hints at her watchful demeanour.