We encroached on Fitzi’s territory today. Faye did laundry and finished drying it by hanging it on a rack in front of the wall furnace. Fitzi is very fond of the furnace, so he wormed under the hanging laundry to get up close to his ‘friend.’



We bid adieu to February by trying to create a family portrait on a blustery day. We were less than 100 percent successful.

Back on Thursday. And again, thank you for visiting.



Fitzi invited Achilles to play and Achilles accepted the invitation. By the time I got the iPad booted and camera app started they were winding down; they still danced so quickly that I only captured two blurs.



On weekend mornings, Faye and I lounge in bed, enjoying coffee, reading or surfing. The dogs are welcome to join us. Fitzi joined us this morning and Faye took this photo. Fitzi looms large in our lives in more ways than the obvious one. We are very grateful he is here.


It’s official.

We have adopted Fitzi.

The adoption contact is signed by all parties (while Fitzi didn’t sign we judge from the photo that he’s OK with the arrangement).

A deep and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to NOLA Lab Rescue to let us foster and then to adopt him. I’m very moved by their trust and faith in us. He’s the right dog at the right time.

Welcome home sir.