A small thing.

The other morning a small thing, unusual yet very easily overlooked, caught my eye.

It was a very foggy morning, visibility about 100 meters (about 110 yards), temperature -2C (28F). Driving to work the water droplets contacted the car’s side mirror housing and froze. As I continued driving they accreted, creating an unusual mini-landscape, or ice-scape if you prefer.

I try to see and appreciate these small things. Sometimes (not often enough) I do.

I will (and did) gladly accept . . .

We went for a good walk at Rondeau Provincial Park on New Year’s Eve. What was a dank, dark, gloomy day at home became an agreeable day at the lakeshore. While some might have grumbled a bit about the total absence of snow, I will (and did) gladly accept what The Maker Of All Things saw fit to grace us with that day.

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