Sometimes humans grumble about life. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dry, it’s [fill in the blank]. I’m not immune.

These Mute Swans know nothing about the human senses of liking, disliking, grumbling. It is a sunny and mild day, they are safe, so it’s a good time to doze.

That is a good lesson. Accept what is given and be grateful.

DSCF5510 - Copy


Today’s been a busy day. Faye decided (and I agreed) that this is a good time to refresh the kitchen with new paint and and some additional updates. We walked the dogs, did some laundry. Then we got started today by removing the cabinet doors, sanding all of the cabinet work, washing and priming it.

I removed the reverse osmosis water filtration system as we have not used it for quite some time. Doing so involved an unexpected excursion into the realm of minor plumbing repairs and two trips to our local hardware store for fittings. Oh yes, there were also four trips into the crawl space to shut off the water supply, turn it on, shut it off, and turn it on again.

It’s all good, I learned a little bit about our plumbing system and we still made good headway on the cabinets. Here’s a ‘before’ photo, as we did initial setup.

DSCF8828 - Copy