Winter is coming, we can’t wish it away, may want it to never come but come it will. I’m looking forward to the season of rest, renewal, pondering the lessons of 2016 and how to apply those lessons to the next seasons of gtowth.

See you Thursday.



Sometimes humans grumble about life. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dry, it’s [fill in the blank]. I’m not immune.

These Mute Swans know nothing about the human senses of liking, disliking, grumbling. It is a sunny and mild day, they are safe, so it’s a good time to doze.

That is a good lesson. Accept what is given and be grateful.

DSCF5510 - Copy

Old houses

Old houses

Faye and I drove by several abandoned houses yesterday. This one is unusual for our area in that it has wooden siding, most houses around here are brick.

I enjoy pondering the unknowns, the mysteries of such places. Who lived here? What were they like? How did they get along with their neighbours? How long did they live here? Why, and when, did they leave? What stories, lessons, does this place have to share?