For our first anniversary Faye and I rented part of a house overlooking Lake Travis, outside Austin. Because it was an off time we wound up having the entire place to ourselves. It was a lovely place to share with a woman, friend, partner, companion, as lovely then as she is today.

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First photo

First photo

Taken in April 2005 on Mount Bonnell in Austin with my beloved Labx Moonpie. Faye and I had met only a day or three before yet I was wondering, thinking, that we had a great deal in common beyond a love of and for dogs. It was a happy time, showing my guest my version of Austin. A happy time, the best time for me in several years.

It’s still a happy, good time. I never expected life to lead me to getting married, moving to Canada, becoming Canadian. Regret none if all that’s transpired and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you sweetie.