As my blog title states I used to live in Texas. Like most, if not all, folks who grew up in, or lived for a substantial part of their life in any part of the world, there were traditions. 

One of those traditions was eating ham and black-eyed peas on New Year Day, because it was a kind of tradition in the southern US that this meal was thought to bring good luck in the new year.

Carrying on a tradition can provide familiarity and a sense of ease in unsettled, unsettling, times. So we had ham and black-eyed peas for dinner yesterday. Behold.

And it was good. Although the presentation was different from my childhood plate, the gist – ham and black-eyed peas – was there.

We will see what 2022 brings. I hope it brings you good fortune.



Achilles greeted me at the gate when I arrived home from work. It’s good to be greeted by his sweet furry face and gentle personality. His muzzle is grayer now, eight years after adopting him out of the shelter. I’m still quietly pleased and very deeply gratified that fate, chance, karma, luck, The Maker, what have you, bring us together. He’s been such a pleasure.

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