Stumbled across.

While on a regular walk/survey of my work site, I stumbled across this nest, possibly constructed by House Finches, with a single egg. It was tucked into an angle several feet off the ground where two pieces of structural steel met. I quickly left after taking this photo.

A precarious place, revisited.

It is day 14 of the Mourning Dove sitting its nest. While not that cold – it’s 1C – it’s a miserable day with moderate to heavy snow falling and likely continuing for several more hours.

The incubation period is 14 days, according to All About Birds. I hope another two days elapse before hatching; while the snow likely ends tonight, tomorrow nights’ low may dip to -5C.

A very tough time. Fingers crossed. We will see what we see.

A precarious place.

While standing at the door pondering whether to let Fitzi in, a small movement caught my attention. This Mourning Dove had ducked, apparently trying to hide from me. It has apparently made a nest at the very end of the sheds’ eavestrough roughly 3 meters from where I stood just inside the door. It may be a precarious place to build a nest. We will see how this turns out.

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