Thanksgiving weekend was spectacularly beautiful. On Sunday we took a drive and wound up under the Bluewater Bridge, indulging ourselves with a box of fresh, hot chips from a wagon.

I had the extra treat of watching my partner, best friend, companion, wife watching the Ojibway pass by, upbound. Too good an opportunity to let pass.

I am so blessed.

DSCF7014 - Copy

All done.

After 47 consecutive days of almost exclusively 10 hour shifts, Faye is done with this years’ tomato harvest. A long, grueling haul.

I took a break from most computing yesterday. It was a marvellous day, crisp, cool, sunny. We ran errands, walked the dogs (taking Achilles on a long walk), puttered in the garden, revelled in having more than an hour or two together.

Life is good.

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Busy time

It’s a busy time. Faye works ten hours daily during the tomato processing season and is in week 3. We see each other for about 90 minutes a day during the week, not much more during the weekends. My time is full with chores, walking dogs, running errands, and work.

I’m not complaining. This is life and complaining will not change that fact. I prefer to accept what is (not that I have to like what is), knowing that it will get better soon. I’ll be able to spend more time with and more deeply appreciate my life and my best friend, companion, partner, wife.

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Another visual treat to help us through the dog days of winter. A gloriously blooming rose from my yard in Texas, on a December 17 many years ago. Coming across this photo after some years caused me to smile. Bitter cold days lie directly in our path to spring. I will do my best to appreciate them, to give thanks that I have a warm safe home, good dogs, and a partner, companion, best friend to share life with.

Rose_December_06 - Copy


For our first anniversary Faye and I rented part of a house overlooking Lake Travis, outside Austin. Because it was an off time we wound up having the entire place to ourselves. It was a lovely place to share with a woman, friend, partner, companion, as lovely then as she is today.

December_Foliage 024 - Copy

Laundry time

Taken with the PlayBook

Despite the busy and hectic few days mentioned, when I saw this photo I was compelled to make time to comment.

This photo is from from last January. Yes that’s right, Faye is hanging laundry and yes, the ground is snow covered. Though a cloudy day the humidity level was probably low and as you see from the sheet slightly billowing, there was a slight breeze.

IMG_00000914 - Copy

Laundry does dry in subfreezing weather. Not 100%, but enough that a short session inside on drying racks removes all residual moisture. I did not believe it until I witnessed it.

We hang laundry because we do not have a dryer, which must seem amazingly primitive to some people. Even when our small town had a laundromat we used the ‘solar and wind powered dryer’. Even if we did have one (and it would be nice), we’d still hang laundry. Hanging laundry smells fresher. It endures less wear and tear. It costs far, far less money. There are also two somewhat overlooked attributes to hanging laundry.

One is that is that you pay a little more attention to the weather. ‘Do I have an opportunity to get laundry done tomorrow, before that chance of rain?’ Related to that, you have to get outside. To get off the couch, to be active, to live in our real world of warmth, cold, sun, clouds, wind, no wind.

I must confess. Faye takes responsibility for doing laundry, which means that she’s the one much more often than not who is hanging, un-hanging. I’m very, very grateful and appreciative that she does it. And am reminded when these chores fall on me how very blessed I am to have a partner to take on this responsibility.