Last December I brought home from work a hibiscus plant. It was struggling with an awful whitefly infestation. We quarantined it, treated it with insecticidal soap, and eventually eliminated the infestation. While the plant grew some this year during our mild and dry spring and early summer, it didn’t seem to flourish. Since late July it’s been quite hot, humid, and we’ve had quite a bit of rain. Our patience has paid off – this week we revelled in the beauty of a hibiscus flower.




Our potted ornamental plants wait to be moved outside. They have been under artificial light inside, for months. One African Violet may not make it. Today is cloudy, near freezing, snowflakes falling, with a chill northeast breeze.

We wait, less than patiently now, for spring to arrive with its promise of pleasant evenings, sunny skies, mild times. However impatient we are though, spring will come in its own time and no sooner, when it is time, when it is ready. Much as I might prefer otherwise, patience . . .

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