Now you see him

I participate in Project FeederWatch. It’s a citizen science project which involves counting the birds at my bird feeders. During our recent extreme cold weather visitation dramatically increased. I photographed this Northern Cardinal through the living room window and screen so it’s a little fuzzy.

DSCF5680 - Copy

Watching like a hawk

Watching like a hawk

I heard a quiet cry from overhead.After a moment I triangulated it to our Manitoba maple, then to this hawk. I am nearly certain it was a Sharp-shinned Hawk because I have seen one before,and because we are more likely to see this species than a Cooper’s Hawk in this habitat. It flew on after a few moments. The hawk will likely return because of my participation in Project FeederWatch. Feeding songbirds means setting the table for their predators. I don’t enjoy that but it is an inevitable result, and it is a part of life.