Gadzooks what a downpour.

A thunderstorm moved over my workplace today and 41mm of rain fell in about 40 minutes. For y’all of the Imperial Units persuasion, that’s about 1 2/3 inches. This is what it looked like. The near edge of the road on the far side of the parking lot is about 33 meters or 110 feet from where I stood, inside (hence the . The vegetation on the roads’ far side was a vague blur.

Rain – welcome, blessed rain

We have experienced a lengthy dry spell – only 20.7mm of rain since June 25. We got some very welcome rain yesterday and overnight – I measured 13.7mm this morning This afternoon I measured another 9.2mm. It has fallen slowly, gently, soaking in to very dry soil, and filling the rain barrels.

Some folks might complain about rain falling through most of a summer weekend. We prefer to be grateful for this most welcome gift.

DSCF0876 - Copy

Citizen Science


Today I posted my first observation to the CoCoRaHS database. This is a network of several thousand volunteers in the US and Canada who observe and report daily what precipitation fell. It’s also a site to report significant weather, such as hail, very heavy rain or snow, severe winds, and so forth.

I’ve informally collected weather data for years. Reporting through CoCoRaHS is a cool way to formalize and further systematize my hobby. It’s also a great way to share the data I collect, and make it available to others.



We’ve had a long dry-ish spell, little rain has fallen since mid-May. We’re getting some very welcome precipitation this morning and the radar suggest more is coming today. That’s good, the water level in our ran barrels was getting uncomfortably low.

Rain is a blessing, filling barrels, watering the garden, lawn, farmers’ fields which were looking dry, leaving puddles for the birds to bathe in. I give thanks for rain as I try to give thanks for all things.

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