What a smart girl.

The dogs and I played outside. Lucy had her ball. Then we went inside; she did not have her ball.

Later, after dark, I let the dogs out for their last pee break. Before that I put them into a sit stay. Lucy looked up at the top of the clothes washer where we keep dog toys. She was looking for her ball. I said no it’s not up there it’s outside.

I said ‘Find your ball!’ Then I let her out, repeating ‘Find your ball!’ And less than two minutes later she brought it back.

What a smart girl.

Watchful Stella

Watchful Stella

Many dogs I have known that were allowed in the kitchen during food prep look at the counter where you are at work. When Stella watches us work in the kitchen, she remains focused on the floor. That makes sense to me. After all, the floor is where the good stuff lands.

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