I was in the States recently and had occasion to visit a grocery store. I saw this and smiled.


I enjoyed a Moon Pie or two in the past. I also smiled because it reminded me of my beloved Moonpie, the goofy and sweet ball dog that went on ahead in 2005.

Moonpie head

A very good reminder of of a very good dog.


Someone mentioned today that they really miss their dog that’s gone on ahead and are still sad he is no longer here.

While I miss all the dogs that have gone on ahead, am sometimes for a few moments sad (for me) about letting go of Stella last May, I generally look back with gratitude and contentment that I shared life and time with so many dogs, different dogs.

How can I not smile when I look at this photo of sweet Corndog spotlighted by a sunbeam, snoozing on his couch?

DSC00994 - Copy (2)

I have been blessed.

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