Dinner was served.

A recent dinner: Smoked pork tenderloin, smoked mashed potatoes, scarlet runner beans from the garden with red pepper grilled in a foil packet, and picked-that-day grilled corn slathered with a mayonnaise and sriracha sauce aioli.

It was as good as it looks.

DSCF9951 - Copy

Dinner is served

Clockwise from top. Warm potato salad featuring smoked potatoes; a stir-fry of chard and snap peas from our garden with red pepper; smoked pork rib; smoked pork loin; in the centre kale salad and celery, both from the garden, with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.

A wonderful meal.


Let there be brisket

Let there be brisket

I had the idea to smoke a beef brisket this weekend. So I ordered one up from our local meat packer, which buys its fresh meat from sources within a 100 mile radius. Opened the package yesterday and discovered that it will not all fit in the smoker. Here you see 1/2 of it, about five lbs. Rinsed and patted dry, a little salt and pepper sprinkled on it, coming up to room temperature. Now, off to start the smoker.