Faye and I set out to visit people a couple hours to the northeast. Just north of London we ran into this.


Previously texan still isn’t terrifically experienced never mind comfortable with snow squall driving so prudence (or perhaps an abundance of caution) dictated that we about-face and head back home. After backtracking about a mile we came upon a serious four-vehicle collision; since numerous people were already on the scene we drove on. Back home in Dresden, we are mostly in the clear with an occasional flurry so Faye is doing and hanging laundry.

Winter arrives

Winter arrives

It seems that the first true taste of winter will arrive today. A cold front came through yesterday and will be reinforced today, dropping the temperature throughout the day to a low of -5 tonight. Though we will not see the high side of freezing until sometime Monday or Tuesday, the snow squalls will stay to the east of us. Kendal will not care about any of this as long as the furnace works.

Snow squall

I took a few photos on the way to work. Nothing dramatic as our town was on the edge of the squall to begin with, so after a mile or two on the road conditions were much improved.

Looking north along the edge of the snow squall.

A little farther west. Also looking north.

I stopped yet again a few miles farther to the west of the squall and took a few more photos.

Looking back east at the squall, the sun beginning emerge from the clouds made for a remarkable scene.

Finally, all clear to the west. A crystalline morning.