Sleep a little longer

While the actual snowfall to 4:30PM – 14.9cm or just shy of 6 inches – is a bit under the predicted amount it’s still a chore to clear the deck, shovel paths to the bird feeders and out to the driveway, then clear the driveway. It was a good workout.

The car can sleep under its cap a little longer.

DSCF0453 - Copy

Taken with the PlayBook

We had quite a snowstorm Sunday night, about a foot fell. After shoveling a path to the street Faye and I did not retire to the couch, admiring the scene from afar and bemoaning the awfulness event. Instead, we got our snowshoes out. During our outing this scene greeted us. It looks sere, lifeless. It was full of activity, movement.The cedar trees sighing in the wind, the wind blowing over the snow, snow moving along the ground, crows flying and cawing. Faye and I in the scene, taking in the sights and sounds.

Full of life.

IMG_00001470 - Copy



Yesterday’s storm was a doozy, 15 cm of heavy snow fell in about eight hours. The wind picked up during the day, up to about 60 kilometers per hour or more. The last few klicks of my drive home was harrowing, I don’t care to do that again.

Faye was home and I was, am, grateful. Had she been working away from home I would have been full of worry and concern about her getting home. She cleared the deck, the dogs were safe and comfortable, she generously ensured that there was plenty of sunflower seed scattered for the birds hanging on through this (I hope!) last big storm.

She also took photos, including this remarkable image of snow in our chain link fence. Remarkable. Snow, a most ephemeral substance, gathering, piling, accumulating on the fences’ narrow round fabric despite the incredibly strong gusty wind.