Another Snowy owl

Another Snowy owl

We were in the Goderich area yesterday. It was a glorious day. Driving a back road we startled this owl off the roadside onto a hydro pole. Faye got out and took a number of photos. It is still so surprising that a bird which must be unaccustomed to humans and cars tolerated our presence for 10 or 15 minutes. Faye cropped and zoomed the original image and this is the result. Yes, it’s looking directly at the camera.

Full credit to Faye for having the eye, the patience to capture the original image as well as coming up with this great image.

Some birders never see this magnificent animal and I’ve seen two in two weeks. How remarkable, how fortunate I am.

Snowy owl

There have been numerous reports on eBird this winter of an ‘invasion’ of these amazing birds spreading into this part of the world, far to the south of their normal range. There have been at least two sightings in the part of Lambton County I regularly commute through so I’ve kept an eye out in the fields out as I thought to do so.

I happened to glance up, saw this individual as I passed the hydro pole it perched on, said ‘Wow’ and braked hard to a stop. Whipped out the Fuji camera (like yesterday the winner of the ‘PlayBook or Fuji? decision process) and took a few photos. Then decided to risk having the owl fly away as I backtracked to a position up-sun of it and managed to capture a couple photos.

I never expected to see one of these magnificent birds. Fate, karma, whatever, blessed me. How blessed I am.

DSCF2439 DSCF2441

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