Spectacle, and a question

As I took laundry off the clothesline late this afternoon, a hawk cruised through my peripheral vision. I looked up and there was another. And another. Another, another, on and on, and on. I gawked for a few moments then raced inside, grabbed the camera, and captured the spectacle of many Broad-winged Hawks riding the wind. Finally, a little regretfully, I felt obligated to resume my chore, though I kept looking up.

How many hawks do you count?

DSCF0081 - Copy

Don’t hurry

Though I was anxious to get home on a late autumn day, this spectacle entranced me, compelled me to stop and give thanks. When we hurry through life looking for beauty, glory, contentment, and happiness, sometimes we hurry right past all of these blessings.

DSCF5208 - Copy

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