Accept and endure

We are in a very hot spell, the outside temperature is 32C and the humidex is 38. The inside temperature is 27 – not as bad as it may sound. Fans are going. The a/c is plugged into the bedroom window and set at 75.

Tomorrow will be equally hot, relief may come tomorrow night or Tuesday.

We accept and endure what life sees fit to throw our way.

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Weather data collection

Weather data collection

I like to track weather and climate data. Though my instruments are non-precision they help me track daily high and low temperature, rainfall, and snowfall. I write the numbers on the calendar then transfer them to a spreadsheet, in which I keep the data in tabular and graphical form. It’s a cool way to see what happens during the month, year, and over the years since I have lived in Dresden. It’s also neat to compare against climate data collected here by Environment Canada during the years 1971-2000.

Here is the graph for January through yesterday morning. The red line is the high, the roughly corresponding line is the low, green = rain and lighted blue = snow. Up and down the temperatures have gone. Despite that big dip our average low of -6 is three degrees warmer than the historic average of -9. Another big dip looms in the next few days, which should bring that average low more in line with the historic data. The green spike is a day of rain, and we have already exceeded the average snowfall by a comfortable margin.