During our trip through Texas, we stopped for lunch at a picnic area near Sanderson. Using my eyes, the fence was the only evidence of human influence. Using my ears, the occasional car passing by was the only evidence of human influence. Otherwise, it was quiet except for the sound of the wind, and an occasional bird call. It was peaceful and induced contemplation.

It was wonderful.

DSCF8209 - Copy


Another visual treat to help us through the dog days of winter. A gloriously blooming rose from my yard in Texas, on a December 17 many years ago. Coming across this photo after some years caused me to smile. Bitter cold days lie directly in our path to spring. I will do my best to appreciate them, to give thanks that I have a warm safe home, good dogs, and a partner, companion, best friend to share life with.

Rose_December_06 - Copy


This is one thing I puttered about today. We had some electrical work done and the prep work included unloading a bookcase. I re-stacked many of the books, roughly following the Dewey Decimal System, as well as found a restung place for a few of Faye’s gargoyles,


Faye recently found this bookcase at Sally Ann. It perfectly fits this space and is now loaded with our fiction collection, DVD and VHS (yes we will have VHS tapes!), and a few other things.