Many things to be grateful for.

We have our health, a snug home of our own, friends and family in good health, healthy dogs, are neither obscenely wealthy nor destitute.

I am grateful that we have so many similar interests. Reading, sitting on the deck listening to the grass grow, quiet evenings at home, occasionally going for a hike, able to take change and upset with equanimity.

2017 has been a good year. 2018 will be whatever kind of year it will be. I’m fortunate to go into the new year with so many blessings.

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Best wishes

I wish each and every one of you, who make the time out of your life to visit my blog, a very – what fits you – merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, good Kwanzaa, good Festivus, pleasant (belated) solstice. Thank you very, very much for your patronage. I wish you a prosperous new year.


Giving thanks

I give thanks for this lovely loaf of bread, which will sustain me.

In this season of giving thanks for our blessings, I thank each and every one of you for making a bit of time in your life to visit my blog, to like my photos. I deeply appreciate it. I wish you a very good holiday season and a very prosperous 2016.



Stella and I just returned from yet another follow-up on her dental surgery and fistulae repair.

The vet gave the all clear to begin transitioning to normal feeding and routine. It’s been such a long slog I was prepared for more bad news, and slumped in relief. Our next visit will be for the routine annual exam.

Stella has been such a trooper throughout all of this, allowing people to prod and poke at her mouth so many times. Never happy about having that done yet never growling, snapping, showing poor behaviour. She’s always been ready to go for a car ride though so many of them ended at the vet, ready to go into the vet, though reluctant to enter the examination room (I can and certainly do forgive that!).

I give thanks.

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I do my best to appreciate what is in my life now, today, this season, no matter what time of year or what is happening. That’s what much of my photography is about –  stopping and looking, trying to see, giving thanks for what I see, and sharing a small portion of the beauty that I live in.

Sometimes though it’s good, uplifting, reinforcing, to look at something from a different time, to put current life in a different perspective. To look forward, to anticipate. I look forward to seeing this splash of colour again in a few months.

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As is much of eastern Canada and the US, it’s very cold here. The porch thermometer reads -20C. Going outside for more than a few minutes means the cold bites fingers, toes, nose, ears. The dogs, even outdoorsman Achilles, spend very little time out. The furnace is doing yeoman work keeping the living room not-cold. I once thought of traveling to Churchill or Yellowknife during a winter, to experience true cold. That’s no longer necessary.

Yet we are blessed. We do have a working furnace, food in the cupboard, our pipes are not frozen, we have reliable electricity. I do appreciate all of these blessings and the many more we have.

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