We recently had a terrific thunderstorm with very gusty winds. How this small branch came off the nearby pine tree, came through the dense canopy of the Manitoba maple, and lodged in the crotch of the tree, is a mystery.

After pondering the power that must have been involved I can understand why, when I came home,  the dogs were subdued and unusually pleased to see me.

DSCF8795 - Copy


Quite a thunderstorm rolled over last night. The sky was very active; there was a lot of lightning and wind. The air aloft was very dynamic and I was compelled to try to capture some of the dynamism. What a marvellous reminder that in the face of nature, god, what have you, we are puny and insignificant.

DSCF6651 - Copy

Didn’t make it

Didn't make it

Not quite. Interesting drive home with headlights on, wipers full blast and unable to keep up with the rain, wind whipping leaves all around me, lightning dancing nearby, thunder crackling and booming over the sound of the rain, wind, wipers. Once again I was in awe of the power and beauty of the real world that I live in. I love being alive.


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We had a day-long rain with a chill east wind, 23 mm of rain fell. A warm front has swept through, scrubbing out the rain (for now). We had a front row seat as a thunderstorm developed then moved off to our east. This is the trailing end of the storm, still building. Air is really a fluid, clouds accentuate that and are dynamic, compelling sculpture.


Still standing

Two weeks ago we erected this hoop house over the raised bed. Last night we had a wicked thunderstorm with about 15mm of rain, wind gusts to perhaps 70 kph, and about five minutes of pea sized hail. We were very pleased to see the hoop house still in place today, protecting our mesclun mix, bulls blood beets, radishes, carrots, and other seedlings.