Have picked about 4 cups of Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes in the last few days. That’s on top of the 8? cups picked before this week. More are on the way, in varying stages of maturing and ripeness.

So good simply popped in my mouth – not all make it inside – in salads, baked in a little olive oil with garlic, rosemary, and pepper.



We grow a few of many things in our small garden.

Todays’ harvest: jalapenos, ‘ugly’ tomatoes (which are volunteers from last years’ effort), Chocolate Cherry tomatoes, tomatillos (also volunteers), beans, a cayenne pepper, ground cherries. Also growing: rosemary, spearmint and peppermint, basil and Thai basil, sage.


Our started vegetable plants await planting. Low temperatures during several upcoming nights come uncomfortably close to freezing so we are holding off. For now, we bring them out during the day to harden them off.

The rosemary (upper centre) will stay in its pot as will the lemongrass (upper right).

The tomato patch.

The three Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes we planted have been more successful than we anticipated. We have picked more than a dozen pints’ worth so far and have many more pints’ worth on the way.

WordPress is not allowing me to upload the photo. Imagine a jungle of three plants, six feet tall by six feet wide. Imagine crawling on elbows and knees into the jungle, looking for ripe tomatoes. This is the happy problem we have.



Last harvest

A very hard freeze is predicted so Faye cleaned up the vegetable garden today. Clockwise from upper left: Tomatoes; tomatillos; honey (not ours – locally sourced); home canned applesauce (not our apples though locally sourced); not quite ripe Chocolate Cherry tomatoes; little bitty poblanos; and jalapenos.

Version 2

Eek! It’s leeks!

Eek! It's leeks!

Faye started leek seeds a while ago, in anticipation of spring. Once they became too large to remain in their seed starting pods, she transplanted them into these milk bags, which she had saved for this purpose. Of course spring is not here yet, though when it does arrive these seedlings will be ready to go outside. In fact they are already – Faye put them in our portable greenhouse, where it’s about 10C even though the ambient temperature is about -6C.

We also have two Tiny Tim tomato seedlings, which we will pot and put outside hoping for an early harvest – perhaps in late June.

All are flanked by our African Violets, which have added colour and cheer to this long, cold, snowy winter.

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