Play ball!

I took in a baseball game last weekend; the Toronto Blue Jays hosted the New York Yankees. It was the first game I have seen since 2019. I had a decent seat. Note to self, if attending an afternoon game at the Skydome avoid the first base side. Very sunny!

Yankees won 4-0. Things unfortunately went off the rails for the Jays’ starting pitcher Alek Manoah in the 6th. It did not help that he was boned on several ball/strike calls through his 5.1 innings pitched.

Here is the Yankees’ Aaron Judge (DH’ing that day) waiting on a pitch. He was an unusual 0-5 on the day.

Took the train there and back, as did several other Jays fans. Although it was not cheap, and yes less convenient than driving, I avoided driving three plus hours there and three plus back home. On the approach to Toronto’s Union Station I could not help being amused that cars on the Gardiner was moving far more slowly than we were. I arrived fresh and un-stressed.

Yes, it is a shark.

Yes, it is a shark. Yes, I am beneath it. Yes, I am only a few feet away from it. Faye and I recently visited Toronto and went to Ripley’s Aquarium. Dangerous Lagoon features a tunnel through a fascinating exhibit. I could have easily filled the camera’s memory card.


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