Feeding songbirds has the side effect of birds dropping seed throughout our yard, which results in volunteer sunflowers popping up. We generally let them pop up and thrive or not. This volunteer adds cheer to the middle part of the vegetable garden.

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House guest

Faye and I are fostering this handsome boy named Charlie. He is a sweet big dog with a big heart and a lot of love to share.

It’s a pleasure to be a way station for Charlie to stay in until he goes to his forever home. It feels good to volunteer time, space, attention, and affection.

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Now you see him

I participate in Project FeederWatch. It’s a citizen science project which involves counting the birds at my bird feeders. During our recent extreme cold weather visitation dramatically increased. I photographed this Northern Cardinal through the living room window and screen so it’s a little fuzzy.

DSCF5680 - Copy

Citizen Science


Today I posted my first observation to the CoCoRaHS database. This is a network of several thousand volunteers in the US and Canada who observe and report daily what precipitation fell. It’s also a site to report significant weather, such as hail, very heavy rain or snow, severe winds, and so forth.

I’ve informally collected weather data for years. Reporting through CoCoRaHS is a cool way to formalize and further systematize my hobby. It’s also a great way to share the data I collect, and make it available to others.

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