Came across

I came across this juvenile Mute Swan during a walk. It hissed so I maintained a respectful distance while wondering if it was in distress, being as it was about 100 meters from the pond where I previously saw it many times. It may have tired while trying out its wings.

I went past the spot a while later and it was gone so I assume it found its way to a more suitable habitat.


Kendal, I don’t think that was a dog

Kendal, I don't think that was a dog

We returned from our walk a few minutes ago. I stopped briefly to chat with the neighbour at the corner about the windy start to the day. As Kendal and I turned onto our street something scuttled across the street about 30 feet in front of us. It was black . . . with a white stripe down its back.

I stopped to allow Mr. (or Ms.) Skunk unimpeded crossing rights. Kendal had other ideas but seeing that we were downwind it seems prudent to stand where we were. The skunk is probably somewhere in our next door neighbours’ yard.

I think all three dogs will stay inside for a while, until it’s much more light outside.