Aptly named.

I saw this bird Wednesday afternoon making its way along some of the Manitoba maples’ limbs. Unfortunately neither camera nor binoculars were handy. I made a point to have the camera handy this afternoon and fortunately it paid another visit.

It seems to be the aptly named Black-andwhite Warbler, possibly a female since the belly streaks appear to be a buff colour. I don’t recall ever seeing it before. I am pleased to have seen it flitting about.

First time visitor.

Last weekend, I saw a bird out in the far reaches of the yard. While it looked completely unfamiliar it was so far out I couldn’t positively identify it. Am pretty sure it was a  Yellow-rumped Warbler, which I’ve never seen in the yard.

I’m pleased to have (at least temporarily) hosted this fellow and hope to see him again.

Version 2

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