Gadzooks what a downpour.

A thunderstorm moved over my workplace today and 41mm of rain fell in about 40 minutes. For y’all of the Imperial Units persuasion, that’s about 1 2/3 inches. This is what it looked like. The near edge of the road on the far side of the parking lot is about 33 meters or 110 feet from where I stood, inside (hence the . The vegetation on the roads’ far side was a vague blur.


Faye does cross stitch. Her current project is depicting each days’ weather from January first. Each days’ contribution depicts the daily high and low temperatures, and predominant weather condition.

Since the recent weather has been mostly cloudy with little temperature change, the colours have been largely the same.

We look forward to some change.

Flagged; spring

My desire to post has flagged this week.

Wednesday and Thursday were windy and unseasonably warm; the high both days as 31. Shades mostly drawn, windows open only an inch or two to keep the worst of the heat out, yet let some fresh air in  – we won’t put the a/c in the window yet. Today’s high was 9 and the windows were closed to keep the warmth in.

This spring has definitely been an interesting one.

IMG_1336 - Copy


Citizen Science


Today I posted my first observation to the CoCoRaHS database. This is a network of several thousand volunteers in the US and Canada who observe and report daily what precipitation fell. It’s also a site to report significant weather, such as hail, very heavy rain or snow, severe winds, and so forth.

I’ve informally collected weather data for years. Reporting through CoCoRaHS is a cool way to formalize and further systematize my hobby. It’s also a great way to share the data I collect, and make it available to others.

Weather – Interesting day or so ahead

Weather - Interesting day or so ahead

I’m a weather geek and enjoy surfing various forecast services. My primary soures are Environment Canada, The Weather Network, and the US National Weather Service. Intellicast and the Weather Underground provide useful information. I ignore The Weather Channel – too much breathless hype for me. I review the available forecast packages then make an educated guess at what will happen.

Today we had some sun and it warmed up to about 4 degrees, which melted some of the snowpack. Tomorrow morning we have a chance at snow and/or freezing drizzle which will make for an interesting drive. Dropping Stella at the vet for some dental cleaning, she’s lost five pounds over several months and about 1 1/2 since her last visit a month ago. Her standard weight is about 35 or 36 so it’s concerning.

Tomorrow afternoon and evening we could see heavy rain, possibly an inch or more. That’s a lot of rain to fall on our ten inches or so of snow. We might get a rumble of thunder. Then a cold front sweeps through during Thursday night bringing colder temperatures and winds possibly gusting to 80 kilometers per hour (around 50 mph). May our and our neighbours’ trees stay where and as they are.

I’m not Panicky or Freaking Out, weather like this is a part of life and of living in this part of the world. It’s good to be knowledgeable and prepared.

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