While it looks demonic . . .

. . . it isn’t. I recently saw this Cicada Killer wasp not far from my feet. Being about 3 or 4 centimeters long it looked rather intimidating. Yet it was minding its own business never mind being aggressive, even not minding much when I very gently put a stick against its legs. A little research revealed that it can be a beneficial insect and is not aggressive.

It left me alone so I left it alone.

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently I neglected to include the photo of said demonic looking creature.


Rain – welcome, blessed rain

We have experienced a lengthy dry spell – only 20.7mm of rain since June 25. We got some very welcome rain yesterday and overnight – I measured 13.7mm this morning This afternoon I measured another 9.2mm. It has fallen slowly, gently, soaking in to very dry soil, and filling the rain barrels.

Some folks might complain about rain falling through most of a summer weekend. We prefer to be grateful for this most welcome gift.

DSCF0876 - Copy


Howdy and welcome to everyone who has seen fit to follow me. I deeply appreciate your making time in your lives to see my photos and read my comments.

An unpublished photo from four years ago today. An American Goldfinch visited our nyger seed feeder.

DSCF3115 - Copy

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