I happened to look out the laundry room window at the right time to see this chipmunk at the edge of the deck, finishing a meal of sunflower seeds. This appears to be a bit out of focus because I shot it through the screened laundry room window.

We’re happy to share space and resources with it. Before letting the dogs out we go out ourselves first and walk around, wave our arms and speak up, thereby giving it the opportunity to skitter for cover.


After reviewing CCTV footage for evidence of the unauthorized visitor, I identified it. This fox followed a path I had shovelled out then turned, bounding along my footpath to avoid walking in the deeper untouched snow. At this point it stopped to scan the area ahead before proceeding.


I came across large paw prints in the recent snowfall during my afternoon walk at work. I placed a coin next to the prints. The coin is 1 1/16 inches or 27mm in diameter. The pay prints are about 2x that size, so 2 1/4 inches or 54mm. I’m pretty sure a coyote left these prints.

It seems that WordPress does not like the photo I took; I cannot upload it.



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