Sleep a little longer

While the actual snowfall to 4:30PM – 14.9cm or just shy of 6 inches – is a bit under the predicted amount it’s still a chore to clear the deck, shovel paths to the bird feeders and out to the driveway, then clear the driveway. It was a good workout.

The car can sleep under its cap a little longer.

DSCF0453 - Copy

Getting ready

DSCF5434 - Copy

Several weather models, the US National Weather Service, and Environment Canada all suggest a significant snowstorm will occur tomorrow. My interpretation is that between 12-20 cm (or about 4 to 8 inches) will fall starting tonight and ending Friday afternoon.

So I spent some time the last two afternoons clearing the deck and scraping the driveway/street interface – making space for more snow.