Not very many.

Not very many of these old wood barns still stand in my part of the world. So many have been knocked down and burned up in order to free up a few thousand (sometimes a few more hundred) more square feet for growing a cash crop. I have driven past this one for almost ten years, and hold my breath every time I drive in its direction.

Old barns

Old barns like this are disappearing in our part of the world. They can be costly to keep up and (I assume) they are not as ‘efficient’ and ‘modern’ as ones with a metal frame and skin.

Yet they are beautiful, evocative of another time, and I sometimes make a point to stop and photograph one, like this one. Then I wonder. Who lived there? What was life like? What successes, failures, did they have? Were they happy or at least content?

DSCF8996 - Copy

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