A little busy

I’m a little busy right now. Faye and I did a 5K run and walk Saturday evening; Faye the run and me the walk. Our times were creditable. We spent Sunday doing various house and internet stuff, including selecting photos for a calendar we plan on getting printed.

Faye’s working afternoons this week. This evening I baked Balsamic Chicken Thighs that she prepped, also baked rice and made a batch of glazed carrots, then did the dishes and tidied a bit.

After I post this it will be time to settle on the couch with a book and . . . (turns around to see which dog is on the couch) . . . Fitzi.




It’s been a hectic week-plus. Faye put in over 100 hours of work in eleven days. In addition to my contributions to household management I needed to keep the garden alive and try to keep up the many, many other talents she so enthusiastically and ably contributes to keeping our home running and in such fine shape. My appreciation of all you do, sweetie, is doubly, triply reinforced during these times. Life is a journey and along the way it’s important to stop, look around, see, smell, hear, and appreciate all that we are given.

Now that Fayes’ done working I’ll pick up the pace of my blogging a little.

A Hole In The Ground

Faye and I were bored this morning, so we dug a hole in the ground. Then we started filling it up. Then we got tired so we stopped.

Actually we are putting pavers down at the gate to the backyard. That spot is a little low so it’s wet after a rain and muddy during the spring thaw. These pavers will help. We dug the hole about 8″ deep, filled it halfway with gravel. We started are putting down sand , and pavers on one edge. We ran out of gas so we will finish tomorrow.

One of the many, many things I love about Faye is that she’s completely unafraid to get her hands dirty and do physical labour. She did at least as much work as me and probably more.

Photos tomorrow after we finish the job.

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